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Are You Ready For Spring Yet? We Are!

Alright, gardeners it's time! We are beyond excited to announce our BIGGEST Green Thumb Club ever with an incredible 14 classes! Each class is only $5 and taught by professionals in their field. Join us Saturday mornings from the end of January through the beginning of March for these invaluable classes and hands-on workshops! Register online now to reserve your spot in the classes you want. If you attend at least 6 out of the 14, you’ll also receive a personalized certificate of completion AND a $25 Wedel’s gift card!

Don't Just Dream Of Spring, Pre-Order It Now!
Want to look up info on a specific plant or find your new favorites for 2023? Visit our trusted partners at where you can learn about thousands of plants AND pre-order your favorites to be delivered in Spring directly to Wedel's for your conveniant pick-up. Just choose Wedel's as your local nursery to have your plants delivered to at checkout. Not sure what you're looking for? Try their Plant Finder Tool!

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