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Join Wedel's experts for learning opportunities, crafts, events to expand on curiosity and help grow the next generation of gardeners! Open to kids Pre-K through 8th grade, this program will help kids build a community as they learn about gardening, bird watching, nature, and so much more! For only $25 yearly membership fee, you get: Growing Gardeners T-shirt ($15 value), Petting Zoo entrance free ($5 value), your membership card & sticker, a discount on your craft projects, a spot at all these kid’s events as well as all the learning information and craft instruction. If you attend 6 or more of the 9 events offered, you will get your Growing Gardener Kit: pair of gloves, heavy duty trowel & kneeling pad ($15 value). 


Upcoming Events for Wedel's Growing Gardeners

Pumpkin Event

Friday, Oct. 6th
Saturday, Oct. 7th

Fri: 3p-6p

Free Entry, Discounted Crafts/Actvitites for Growing Gardeners

Stop by the pumpkin creation station, learn about trees–
leaf rubbing craft, apples & games to play! Don’t forget about the apple launcher!

Bird Event

Friday, Nov. 3rd
Saturday, Nov. 4th


Free Entry, Discounted Crafts/Actvitites for Growing Gardeners

Learn about the winter needs of birds, make a bird feeder, and meet LIVE Michigan birds of prey!

Santa Event

Friday, Dec. 1st
Saturday, Dec. 2nd


Free Entry, Discounted Crafts/Actvitites for Growing Gardeners

Santa will be here! Make up to 4 different holiday crafts, listen to live Christmas music, take pictures with Santa and have fun!

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