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Posted by Nagel Gladiolus on 12th Apr 2024

Soil and Preparation: Gladioli are one of the easiest flowers to grow. They do well in a wide range of soil types – provided drainage is good, but they grow best in soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7. Most garden soil that will produce a good crop of vegetables or weeds will also grow good glads with little added fertilizer. Glads prefer full sunlight, but will do reasonably well with a little shade in early morning or late afternoon. Good circ… Read more

Posted by Kay Landrum on 11th Apr 2024

Wedel's has a plethora of roses plants available. Not sure which would best fit your landscape? Ask one of our professionals! Either stop in or call us at 269-345-1195 and ask to speak with someone in our Annuals & Perennials department. Browse our online selection of roses here!Hybrid Tea Roses – Large flowers generally on a single stem, medium to tall in height with long cutting stems.Grandiflora Roses – Large flowers will bloom in clu… Read more

Posted by Joy Zylstra on 27th Feb 2024

Growing potatoes is fun and not that hard! Home gardeners can grow unique varieties that are not sold in local supermarkets. Choice of a potato variety for growing in a home garden depends on factors such as garden space availability, desired uses, and storage plans.To ensure quality and maximum productivity, purchase certified seed tubers. Certified potato tuber seed is seed of a known variety produced under strict standards to maintain seed tub… Read more

Posted by By Insa Raymond, Michigan State University Extension ( on 4th Jan 2024

Winter Gardening Activities for Children Winter is at its height. The nights are long, and the days are short. According to Michigan State University Extension, the time you and your children can spend outside is limited and we all, young and old, long for spring and summer to come. Why not bring some spring indoors with simple winter gardening activities you can do with your children? Winter gardening activities are not only fun to do, but they… Read more

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